One resident's thoughts on transport and housing in Auckland

On the day of my fifteenth birthday I went straight to the traffic department and sat my drivers license test. The opportunity and freedom that resulted from being able to drive myself anywhere was exhilarating and pivotal in forming the direction of my life.

Our love affair with cars is deeply ingrained within our modern psyche. My car is an extension of my personality. For many it defines their personality.

Love hurts and cars are no exception. Cars hurt us.

  • They hurt when they collide with us, causing serious injuries and deaths.
  • They hurt us when our health deteriorates due to lack of exercise and from breathing polluted air.
  • They hurt us when we have to spend half of our income to pay for the cost of roads, cars, petrol, maintenance, repairs, injuries and time lost waiting in traffic jams.
Right here and now, the cost of cars is already weighing on us in Auckland the same as in many cities.

Divorce is imminent for the car which has fast become a dinosaur, destined for extinction. This realisation is a painful shock for all of us who have been so dependant on the car for all of our lives. We will close our eyes, keep our heads in the sand, but when all of the third world develops there is not enough fossil fuel in the world to power cars for everyone and neither is there enough air and water on our planet to hide all of the pollution they create, nor land to accomodate all of the roads.

It is the right time now for Auckland to stop investing in roading infrastructure and start re-allocating those vast sums of money into more efficient, sustainable and socially responsible modes of transport.


Leave the car at home


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