One resident's thoughts on transport and housing in Auckland

Auckland traffic congestion is annoying and expensive. Congestion affects road traffic more than any other mode of transport.

Here are some of the different types of conditions that can lead to traffic jams:

Regular rush hour traffic jams occur morning and evening on every business day. They are relatively predictable with varying intensity depending on the weather and some seasonal influences like school and university terms and summer holidays.


Regular vacation traffic jams occur at the start and finish of every major public holiday. Roads affected by vacation jams are not necssarily the same as those involved in regular rush hour jams.

Scheduled traffic jams occur when road construction and maintenance works are required. These are relatively predictable as council usually provides advance warning. Summer weather is good for road works so these are often scheduled at times when regular rush hour traffic is lighter but can impact on vacation traffic.

Other scheduled traffic jams occur when special events are staged in the city. Concerts, sports games, parades, protests and similar events can cause localised congestion for the duration of the event. Advance warning is usually provided.

Unscheduled traffic jams occur when an unexpected event blocks the road without warning. A major road accident, police emergency, storm damage and natural disasters can all lead to unscheduled road closures. Unscheduled closures may last for longer as services work to clear the cause and as drivers revise their travel plans.

Congestion is expensive because it wastes travellers time and uses more carbon fuel (costing drivers more money and worsening our pollution).


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