One resident's thoughts on transport and housing in Auckland

A motor scooter is a baby motor cycle.

Anyone who has a car driver's license is allowed to ride them. Scooters must have an engine size less than 50cc and be limited to a top speed of 50km/hr. Scooters are not permitted on motorways.

For discussion on kids push scooters please refer to the skate page.

Scooters are capable of acheiving fuel efficiency of less than 3 litres/100km. They can navigate through traffic jams and require minimal room to park. Sorry, I have not been able to find accident statistics that report scooter accident rates separately from general motorcycle accident rates but I am hoping that serious injury and death rates would be lower than for motorcycles because of the limited speed capability of scooters and restriction from motorway use.

Scooters are becoming an increasingly popular form of transport for people wanting to commute short distances.


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